With the snow and below freezing temperatures, people in Wichita are stepping up to help those who don’t have a warm place to stay. 

“We’re really worried about people’s safety and conditions like this,” explained LaTasha St. Arnault, president of Inter-Faith Ministries. 

Dozens of people are now inside and warm this weekend because of the extended shelter hours at Inter-Faith Ministries. 

“Conditions like this are unlivable for someone to be outside, and we don’t want to see anyone pass away or get frostbite,” said St. Arnault. 

Those unlivable conditions are something house manager, Jason Coady knows all too well. 

He was homeless just a few years ago and is now helping others. 

“I understand a little more about what they have to put up with out there being homeless,” said Jason Coady, house manager at Inter-Faith Ministries. “I’ve been there, I’ve done it.”

The organization and others are working to make sure the homeless in Wichita are taken care of during winter weather.

“It’s pretty awesome, really,” said Coady. “We get to help out the people.”

Inter-Faith Ministries will stay open and extend hours to help people in every way they can, St. Arnault said.