WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – New homes are being built in Wichita, but with existing homes being in relatively short supply, the average price is around $386,000, is it better to buy or build?

“A big thing is is just the people who are doing the physical building of it the lack of people doing the work and the amount of jobs and then they just get pulled into a wait pattern,” said Managing Broker for RE/MAX Premier, Stacy Latimer.

And people are catching on to the cost of building leveling out to the same as buying.

“People are saying, you know what, for the same price, I can get brand new and exactly what I want,” said Controller for Nies Homes, Kayce Martin.

More Wichitans are turning to build.

In 2019, 200 permits were pulled to build, and so far this year, 305 have already been pulled.

It does come at a cost when building. It can take up to a year to build, and experts say there is a shortage of workers and supplies.

“They are not able to get transformers out in new areas when they are starting from the ground up,” Latimer said.

Nies Homes in Wichita has been in business for over 60 years.

They said while there can be issues, they have ways to work around them.

“We are using new suppliers that maybe we haven’t used in the past. And we are now using valued engineering plans on our new freestone development,” said Martin.

Valued Engineer Plans allow them to make things easier for the builders and the new homeowners.

“We are using this as an opportunity to just be innovative and find the best ways to help people through the home buying process where they can get what they want, and we can give them the tools to do so the best possible way,” said Martin.

Kansas does have advantages. Buying a home is lower compared to other states, so that levels out costs when you are trying to decide to buy or build.

Experts say if you build, make sure to get a realtor, do your research, and ask plenty of questions.