WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A Wichita mom said her son was hurt at a local day care and is frustrated with the response from the day care, but the day care owner defends the response.

Deasiah Brinkley is a mom of three boys and had been taking them to Angel Wings Learning Center, 770 S. Greenwich Road, for about a month and a half. According to Brinkley, on Monday, Aug. 8, her almost two-year-old son got hurt at the day care. She said it took the owner 90 minutes to call her.

“She called me and said my child had fell outside,” said Brinkley. She said she was told he was crying outside, and when they touched his arm, he cried even more.

“So I asked, ‘Did you guys injure my child?’ She said, ‘No. If you would like to come up to the day care, we can talk about it,'” said Brinkley.

When Brinkley got to the day care, she said she was told that her son was throwing a tantrum. She also learned that a teacher had been holding his hand when he was injured.

“She is claiming the teacher never yanked or pulled his arm, and the teacher is claiming that she leaned down with him,” said Brinkley.

Brinkley pulled her three kids from the day care that day and has not been back.

She took her toddler to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with a “nursemaid’s elbow,” a common injury in toddlers. Doctors say it can happen when a child’s arm is pulled or swung.

Brinkley also shared her story on Facebook. The post has received over 500 shares.

“I love these kids like each are my own,” said Angel Wings Learning Center Owner Marissa Harris.

The day care owner said there was no abuse and that they followed all the correct procedures for the incident. She’s frustrated the allegations are being shared online.

“It can be horrible in the fact that someone can make up a story and then post a picture of a screaming, crying toddler, and then it gets shared 200-something times, and it is a lie,” said Harris.

The day care filed a report with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). Brinkley shared that report with KSN. It stated that her child and one of his friends were running outside while a teacher was holding onto them.

The report to KDHE listed several details of the incident including the following: “A friend and [child] went running toward the air conditioning machine outside. Teacher had friends hand in one hand and [child]’s hand in the other to catch them. [Child] started dropping his body so teacher let go slowly, but he dropped down. He was crying while on the playground but teacher thought it was one of his typical fits. One the way in he was still crying so teacher notified the front desk. The front desk came down to check him out and noticed that every time we touched or moved his left arm he would begin to cry. We called mom and notified her.”

“She did not yank his arm,” said Harris, of the teacher in the incident.

The incident report also said, “He cried every time we moved his left arm. We tried to ice the area.”

“KDHE did come out last week, and so they interviewed the teacher in question and the teacher that witnessed it. They interviewed us and trying to figure out how we handle the situation,” said Harris.

But Brinkley does not feel enough was done. She filed a police report with the Wichita Police Department and is looking to take further legal action.

“It makes you scared to send your kids to day care,” said Brinkley.

The day care does have cameras, but not in the area where this happened. The owner said she is working on a plan for what to do to avoid this happening again.

KDHE confirmed this is an ongoing and open investigation, and the outcome could be learned in the next few weeks.