TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNW) — An old superstition claims that an itchy palm might mean money is coming your way. That turned out to be the case for a Winfield couple who just won a $50,000 Powerball prize.

Carol Coon says her husband Kevin joked about his itchy palm sometime after the March 31 Powerball drawing.

Several days after the drawing, Coon asked a friend and employee to take a few lottery tickets to a gas station to see if they had won anything.

The worker came back with $8 from one of the tickets and some exciting news about one of the other tickets.

“She just sat there and told me my ticket must have won a large prize because the store didn’t even know the exact amount,” Coon said.

She quickly learned that it was worth $50,000. Her Quick Pick ticket matched four numbers and the Powerball.

When Coon told her husband about the $8 and reminded him about his itchy palm comment, he joked that his palm had been itchier than that.

That’s when she told him about the $50,000.

She doesn’t know for sure how they’ll spend the money, but says most of it will go into savings.