WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – She belted her way to the battle rounds of “The Voice.”

Wichita native Injoy Fountain showed off her talents on the national stage Tuesday night.

In the end, the captivating lady in red was sent home, but the loss is not enough to get this singer down.

She is back in Wichita pursuing her musical dreams.

And on Tuesday night, she had a watch party with her supporters at Brick and Mortar.

“Thank you for coming,” said Injoy to the audience before her final appearance on “The Voice.”

“This journey has been crazy.”

Some fans at the event have worked with her locally.

“She’s just one of the best human beings ever and her voice is amazing,” said friend Tanza Cochran, who currently performs with Injoy at Roxy’s in Wichita.

Injoy has made a name for herself in the Wichita scene for several years now.

“We were able to work together at Avenue Q, and she was a spectacular performer then,” said Patty Yoon. “And, then just to watch her blossom on ‘The Voice’ has been very exciting.”

Injoy’s passion for music and the arts goes back to when she was a child.

“Probably was about three or four,” she said. “And then, my mom really made sure that I had the training I needed.”

One person who helped with that was her drama teacher from East High.

“She was always a showstopper,” said Derrick Gronewold. “When she was on stage, she commanded your attention.”

The people who have been along for Injoy’s musical ride say she has left a lasting impact.

“It’s so much fun to watch her, and I will never ever forget having this journey with her,” said Cochran. “And getting to watch her.”

“She belongs there on that plateau rising up,” said Wichita State Basketball legend Cheese Johnson.

“It’s a testament to never give up on your dreams and keep going at all times no matter what,” said Injoy to her fans after her elimination.

While you won’t be seeing her on “The Voice” anymore you can still support Injoy locally.

She is starring in Hocus Pocus through Nov. 3 at Roxy’s Downtown.