ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) – Friday marked two weeks since the tornado hit Andover, striking Prairie Creek Elementary in its path. Prairie Creek students and staff returned to class Monday, but it was a tough week filled with emotions.

Friday, thanks to the help of some Andover Central High School (ACHS) seniors, they had some fun in the sun.

“They don’t have a worry in the world, right, and it’s beautiful to watch,” said Abby Moore, ACHS senior.

A class of ACHS students decided to host a field day as part of a service project.

“Everyone is like volunteering, but what’s something that we can do that people aren’t thinking of, and Prairie Creek lost their opportunity to have the fun day and so we were like hey that something we can help in,” Moore said.

There were events from ring tosses, races, face painting, and so much more.

“We should have fun together and enjoy ourselves just to get our minds off of things,” said Prairie Creek 5th grader Bronx Esterline.

“It’s been pretty fun, and I’m thankful for all that,” said Christian Mickiewicz, another Prairie Creek 5th grader.

Smiles could be found everywhere you look. A nice escape for students as they wrap up their first week back to school.

“A lot of people have been sharing stuff about what they’ve been through, which makes me sad that some people have gone through a lot worse than me,” said Ava Quinn, Prairie Creek 5th grader. “It honestly has been really nice to be back and get my mind off things and be back with my friends.”

“It was just important for us to give the kids as much normalcy as possible and as much fun as possible so these last two weeks can just be filled with fun memories to take their mind off of some of the events they’ve been through,” said Kali Stearns, a 4th-grade teacher at Prairie Creek.

The field day is just one of several fun events planned to give prairie creek students a memorable end of the year.