SALINA, Kan. (KSNW) – In Saline County, some families had a rough wake-up call Sunday as flash floods entered their neighborhoods.

Tyler Pfeifer was in the middle of a camping trip when they got a phone call early Sunday from the Saline County Dispatch saying their home was hit.

“They were like, ‘Yeah, are you at your house? No? Well, it’s almost completely underwater right now,'” said Pfeifer.

Pfeifer and his family rushed home. The water was gone, but its mark fully visible.

“I knew it was supposed to rain, but you know, I didn’t think it would do anything like this. I mean it took out a lot of our chain link fence, come over to egress window, it busted that out,” he said.

The broken window letting in nearly eight inches of water to their newly renovated home. “It’s kind of a shock,” he said. “Right now, we’re trying to get all the furniture out of the basement that we think would be salvageable.”

“Everything was all wet and destroyed, sand, water, dirt, frogs, fish in the basement. It was just unreal,” said Linda Casper, Aunt of Pfeifer’s wife.

The Saline County Sheriff’s dispatched rescue boats to their neighborhood to help.

“This wasn’t a centralized area, where it didn’t affect a lot of people, but it was in a neighborhood area. Everybody has been accounted for. There are no known injuries,” said Saline County Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Heinrich.

While the flash floods have passed, Deputy Heinrich says residents need to stay cautious.

“Now, we’re watching rivers for river flooding and anticipate that’s going to be an issue in the next two, three days ,especially with the continued rain forecast.”

Meanwhile, the Pfeifer family says they are glad no one was home to get hurt. They plan to be back out Monday to clean up all the debris left outside.