WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Playing the guitar is home for Jenny Wood.

“I do not know if my dance is as cute as I thought it was but I am there,” she says. “I am giving it all that I can.”

Wood is finding her rhythm.

“Physically, the little kinks, my ribs, my pelvis, those hurt, and they slow me down,” she says.

The injuries add up. Even going to the bathroom in the middle of the night for her can be a challenge.

“When I find the bathroom, I want to have a party because I found it,” Wood jokes.

She is trying to adjust. Jenny got home last week and moved into her new home almost immediately.

“I know that I am slower. I am not as fast, conversation-wise, when there is a lot going on,” Wood explains.

Her dog, Wenny, is helping her break into her new home and so is playing music. It’s a physical battle as much as it is an emotional journey.

“Every time, I can tell that I am going there, finally walking into truly grieving about my mother and my niece, I was very close with my mother, truly walking in to that and accepting that and going through that journey of processing, my body is like, ‘We hurt over here! We are trying to heal! Can now go there yet?'”

Wood says she is in the works of planning a concert within the next two months.