WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita Public Schools hosted a district-wide high school senior hiring fair on Wednesday.

Students from all high schools visited the administrative center on South Edgemoor to interview for full-time jobs.

The fair was put together because many students said they would enter the workforce out of high school.

“A third of our seniors graduating this year said that they were not planning to go directly to a two-year or a four-year or a technical college, and so they were wanting to go directly into the workforce, so we put together this career fair,” Laura Barker, plan of study coordinator, said.

Students who signed up were paired with businesses that fit their interests and talents. Some hope to land a job that will help them through college.

“I feel like having this opportunity to go out and look for jobs is a huge blessing for me, and seeing all these future employers and stuff is something I’m looking forward to, so I try and make an impact for when I’m trying to get into the company as well,” Aidan Gilkey, Wichita North High School senior, said.

Students were paired with a mentor for some interview tips beforehand. There were 85 companies that were at the event. Some included Textron, Conoco Construction and Davis-Moore Chevrolet.

“I will say out of those 85 companies like I said, they are representing full-time jobs, and more than half of them are paying $15 an hour, so these are great opportunities for our students, and we’re really trying to make sure that we are getting students aligned for post-secondary success,” Barker added.