WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Investigators say a Wichita-area contractor engaged in deceptive and unconscionable acts. District Attorney Marc Bennett’s office presented the case to a judge who ordered an $87,477 default judgment against Dale A. Deere, doing business as Deere Contracting.

The DA said two customers complained about Deere. According to court filings, one of the customers was a Winfield man who said he did not get all the windows he ordered through Deere. In the other case, a woman hired Deere for work on a rental property in Derby. She said he did not provide paperwork for her to file with her insurance company so that she could get reimbursed.

The District Attorney’s Consumer Protection Division investigated and alleged that Deere violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) by:

  • Failing to provide a material benefit
  • Failing to provide a three-day right to cancel the transaction

Bennett said the Court found those failures violated KCPA. Judge Stephen Ternes ordered Deere to pay:

  • More than $5,000 in restitution to the customers
  • $80,000 in penalties
  • Court costs
  • Investigative fees

The judge also ordered Deere to refrain from operating or conducting business in Kansas until the customers are paid back, and the business is properly licensed.

KSN News has attempted to reach Dale Deere and Deere Contracting. But unfortunately, we have not heard back yet.

The DA wants people to know that contractors for many residential projects must be qualified and licensed, in their name, by the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department MABCD. The work may also require permits, inspections and certificates of occupancy to ensure the work is up to code.

Some trades have additional duties. For example, roofers must register with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office.

Anyone conducting “door-to-door” sales must also provide residents with a three-day right to cancel.