After surviving a shooting at an AT&T store back in 2015, Julie Dombo said she has survived cancer.

Dombo had to have her hands and feet amputated due to her injuries from that shooting. 

“My daughter, Amy, was giving me a shower and shaving under my arm, and she found a lump,” said Dombo.

You read that right.

“When I got down and out thinking, God, why are you doing this to me? Cancer too? But I just think, God has been with me through all the amputations, and he is going to be with me through the cancer too,” she said.

Last week, she rang the bell beating breast cancer.

“There is a little paragraph underneath the bell that talks about all the people before you who rang it. I started thinking about all the cancer survivors that rang that bell, and I got emotional. It was pretty emotional to ring that bell, and it felt really good,” Dombo said.

Even before her fight began, Dombo met the news with resiliency that her doctor said he has rarely seen.

“He said, ‘I was going to lose all my hair.’ I said, ‘nope, I am not doing that.’ My daughter is getting married in June, and I am walking down the aisle, and I am not going to be bald.”

She used her experience, her fight, to inspire others.

“I was put on this earth, by God, I really believe, to help others,” she added. 

Dombo, somewhat of a superhero, now has one message to people who may find themselves in a dark place. Don’t give up.

“Let go of your worries and let God take care of it.”