MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNW) – The president at Kansas State University wants everyone to play a role in ending racism, responding Friday to students recalling racist incidents at the university on social media.

President Richard Myers took to Twitter as #BlackatKState gathered hundreds of responses.

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Myers said he acknowledges the experiences of minority students were hurtful and painful and welcomed them sharing their experiences.

“I appreciate your willingness to be candid, and to share your experiences through #BlackAtKState,” Myers said. “Everyone has a personal responsibility, in my view, to end racism. I promise to continue university efforts to provide a place where differences are celebrated and inclusion is valued.”

Myers said the university is preparing “action steps to end racism at K-State.”

The university president and retired military general also appeared on CNN Thursday night, weighing in on Donald Trump’s actions towards peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd.

“The people are doing what the Constitution allows, and they should be allowed to do it,” Myers said. “The first thing was absolute sadness, that people aren’t allowed to protest.”

Myers referenced the incident where military forces in Washington D.C. fired tear gas at protesters to clear them out, so the president could take a photo with a Bible in front of a damaged church.

“It was disturbed by force, and that’s not right,” Myers said. “That should not happen in America. I’m glad I don’t have to advise this president because I’m sure the senior military leadership is finding it really difficult these days to provide good, sound military advice.”