Staying or going, a new report shows Kansas ranks as the fifth most moved from state in the country in 2018.

It’s the fifth straight year more people have left the state than have moved in.

United Van Lines used its data of inbound and outbound moves of 2018 to get its results.

The company says it had more than 2,300 customers in Kansas last year. Of those, nearly 1,400 left the state.

“First things that come to my mind are agriculture and basketball,” says Cassidy Blew.

Cassidy Blew is a true Kansan. Hanging out on her porch with her two dogs is a place you may find her. 

“I feel like family wise this is a great state to raise your kids in,” Blew says.

Kansas could also be a great place to start a business.

“This is the third location” says John Benson, Beverage Director at Meddys. “The two subsequent locations have grown exponentially.”

There’s an old saying, home is where the heart is.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here,” Grace Lattas says.

But is this state keeping people home or driving people out? An annual study puts Kansas as the number five state people are leaving the most.

“That is never a good statistic to hear,” says Benson. “You want people to stick around.”

“It did not surprise me, but it was sad and disappointing,” says Lattas. “I just don’t think it is quite a accurate.”

United Van Lines says more than 58 percent of its moving trips in Kansas are outbound.

Benson says, “Maybe some people have moved out for one reason or another.”

“We don’t have a beach really so I can kind of see that if they are more of a beach person,” says Blew.

Beach or not, some people are questioning if the study is giving the state a fair shake.

“Hard to understand,” says Blew. “If that makes sense.”

“I have seen in my time here Kansas growing,” Benson adds. “It is hard to say whether or not these sources are credible.”