WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Many Memorial Day ceremonies were held to honor the fallen across the nation, including right here in Wichita.

One local veteran told KSN News that it is important to honor those we have lost because they paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Another local veteran said that he attended three ceremonies on Monday. He said he is counting his blessings that so many in his family were able to come home after serving.

One of the Memorial Day ceremonies was held outside of Century II. At 3 p.m., taps were played in honor of the more than a million people who died while serving America.

“Memorial Day is so important because, if you’re remembered, you will never be forgotten. Our men and women of the military are the ones who paid the price of freedom,” said Herb Duncan, a Vietnam War veteran.

Duncan comes from a family of veterans. He said taking time on Monday to honor those who have passed is crucial.

“Everyone is asked to play taps. If you are at home, if you have a bugle, a harmonica, a violin, whatever it is, step outside on your porch and play taps,” said Duncan.

The Memorial Day tradition also means so much to Marine Corps veteran Bob Gault, who thinks of those in his family.

“My dad was a great man. He worked in the steel mills of western Pennsylvania, and he lived with the guilt of the Korean War on his mind because of some things that happened while he was over there and eventually took his life,” said Gault.

He said his daughter is also in the military, and he is proud she too is serving our country.

“I just remember all of those family members that I have been with, and we are happy they came home – not all of the people came home,” said Gault.

Gault said he hopes everyone on Monday takes 20 seconds of silence to think of those who have passed for our freedom.