WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – If you are going out of town this Memorial Day weekend, you will not have to pay quite as much at the pump as you did last year.

Clifford Russell says this year’s gas prices are making his lake trip easier than ever.

“It’s definitely better than 2018 or 19 when they were up over $3.00. So, it definitely helps out, makes travel a little easier.”

AAA says the average in Kansas is $1.66, nearly a dollar less than last year. The national average of a gallon of gas is $1.94, compared to $2.84 last year.

AAA says this is the lowest Memorial Day gas prices have been since 2003. After seeing historically low prices due to the pandemic, some Kansans feel the price is too much.

“I think they just need to decrease the prices until this pandemic is over,” said Malik Collins.

“It’s still really affordable in terms of gas prices. We’re almost a dollar less than we were a year ago and even if we look at as recently as 2013 our gas prices at Memorial Day were $3.86 a gallon,” said Shawn Steward, AAA Kansas Public Affairs Manager.

On the other hand, some drivers feel the slight increase is a good sign.

“Actually, that’s a positive thing I think that prices to be going up our economy is getting back. It’s moving so I’ll take it,” said Nikki Berg.

“They’re not back to where they were so I’m still enjoying them while they’re low,” said Jeff Flora.