SALINA, Kan. (KSNT) — A Salina attorney has been disbarred for “ghosting” his clients, the courts, and investigators in cases that date back as far as 2017, according to court administrators. The Kansas Supreme Court disbarred James D. Sweet in an opinion filed Friday.

The Deputy Disciplinary Administrator Kathleen Lippert said the disbarment stems from two complaints filed by two clients representing four different civil cases.

Lippert appeared before the Kansas Supreme Court and outlined a list of complaints against Sweet, saying the investigation had lasted five months and Sweet had never met with an investigator.

Sweet had been hired to defend a bar owner identified only as E.G. and another client identified as J.M. in three civil suits. Both clients said Sweet failed to appear for court hearings, failed to prepare for hearings, and failed to inform clients of settlement offers.

Although Sweet was given an opportunity to appear by Zoom videoconference, he notified the court he would not be able to appear for a hearing.

Sweet faced either disbarment or indefinite suspension. The court chose to disbar Sweet.

The respondent’s actions and inactions wasted resources of the trial court and the investigators. More importantly, those things respondent did and failed to do caused great financial and emotional harm to his clients.”

The Kansas Supreme Court

The court ordered Sweet to cover the cost of the proceedings.