WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Kansas Aviation Museum announced plans for a big renovation this week.

The renovation will cover four areas of the museum and highlight the Hall of Fame, Air Capital Theatre, a Welcome to Wichita exhibit, and feature the Ulysses Lee “Rip” Gooch Black Aviators Hall of Fame.

The renovation will begin this fall and go into the winter months. The museum hopes to have the renovation completed within three to four months.

“We are going to have one new exhibit, and it is going to be our Welcome to Wichita exhibit. That is going to highlight the history of our building that we are standing in. This was the original Wichita Municipal Airport for a number of years before becoming the administration building for McConnell Air Force. For the past 30 years, it served as the museum,” Ben Sauceda, executive director of the Kansas Aviation Museum, said.

Sauceda said a new theatre will be built to focus on stories of Kansas aviation. The Hall of Fame will be moved to the original baggage claim of the airport. The Ulysses Lee “Rip” Gooch Black Aviators Hall of Fame will be located on the third floor. Gooch was a big supporter and donor of the museum. He passed away last year.

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Sauceda adds this is just the first phase of renovations. Plans are in the works for the exterior grounds of the museum.