MARION COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – A Kansas farmer will be featured on Discovery’s Shark Week programming this week.

You read that right.

Marion County farmer Derek Klingenberg is known for making videos, serenading his cows with his trombone he played first at Peabody-Burns High School and then in the K-State marching band.

It was actually a video Klingenberg forgot he made that caught The Discovery Channel’s attention.

Cow Shark Attack – Trombone Edition. #SharkWeek
Farmer Derek Klingenberg ( – July 22 2018

“I went out last year right before Shark Week, and I made a video with my brother in a shark suit, and I’m trying to call ’em in with a trombone and he’s trying to you know, eat one,” Klingenberg said.

He reports the video did not get many clicks in its early days. Currently, it has just over 27,000 views on YouTube as compared to his other videos which boast millions of views.

“The internet is a mystery. I don’t understand how things flow, but either way we’re on Shark Week,” Klingenberg said.

Watch for Klingenberg on The Discover Channel on August 3 at 7 p.m.