WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — It’s not just fire crews battling flames. Kansas farmers are doing what they can to help in the fight as well.

Many farmers have disks they can attach to their tractors which will create barriers to keep fires away. One farmer says that after witnessing a major wildfire, her equipment is ready to go.

“December 15th really made us think a lot about it because we did lose 3,000 acres of grass and fence,” said Kansas farmer Anna Luna.

The Four County Fire that happened in west-central Kansas on Dec. 15, 2021, destroyed 32 structures and burned thousands of acres. It impacted many, including Luna. She says that it changed how she views fires.

“That just puts it in perspective that you need to have a readiness plan, and you need to have that plan of what are you going to do and how are you going to go about it,” said Luna.

Luna says that her tractor is set up to battle fires. She’s added equipment to it to defend her property and others. The co-op nearby also has full tanks of water ready to help.

“So if the fire whistle goes off, they have the opportunity to take water to the fire departments so that they are not having to run back to town or find something that they can get water from really fast to help put out the fires,” said Luna.

KSN also spoke with Ellis County Fire Chief Darin Myers, who believes that having Kansas farmers prepared to help with wildfires will be very helpful.

“It plays a huge impact because we can focus on the head fire, which is the fire that is advancing more rapidly on, and we can ask them to be on the flame fire where the fire is not so intense and not as much at harm, and they can protect other areas to allow us to keep more of our resources upfront,” said Myers.

It truly is a community effort when it comes to tackling any issues that may come about.

“Just Kansas, in general, when someone needs something, we’re all there to help each other out,” said Myers.

Myers says that volunteer firefighters are also key to fighting wildfires. He says that two-thirds of the firefighters in Kansas are volunteers.