PJ Sneed has been working to grow hemp in Reno County for five years. 

On Friday, he got one step closer.

He’s one of many farmers who started applying today for a license to participate in the state’s Industrial Hemp Research Program. Farmers can apply for a grower, distributor, processor, or educational institution license. The Kansas Department of Agriculture requires any person who will be involved in the growing, distribution or processing or any part of the research to be included in the license. 

“We’ll just be doing producer and distributor,” said PJ Sneed. 

Sneed plans to start out growing hemp for CBD oil. 

He says the application is very detailed and requires a background check. 

“It’s pretty extensive but for a new crop and commodity that’s coming online I think it needs the regulations there,” said Sneed. 

If all goes as planned, Sneed hopes to start growing Hemp in mid May. 

Farmers have until Friday, Mar. 1 to submit their applications. The application is available on the Kansas Department of Agriculture website here. 

To help farmers navigate the application process, the Kansans for Hemp and Planted Association of Kansas will host a symposium on Feb. 23 at Cottonwood Court in Hutchinson Kansas. For more information click here.