The footage was filmed in Beaver County, Oklahoma. (Courtesy: Oklahoma Forestry Services via Storyful)

FORT SUPPLY, Okla. (KSNW) – The Southwest Kansas Wildland Task Force was requested to a large fire in Harper and Woodward counties in Oklahoma on Thursday.

Crews from Minneola, Ashland, Fowler, Ford County, Kiowa County, Gray County, and Dodge City helped fight the fire.

According to Oklahoma City’s KFOR-TV, residents around Fort Supply, in Woodward County were asked to evacuate.

However, firefighters worked from 40 different fire departments to battle the blaze. The destruction spanned about 2,000 acres.

“I bet there was probably 150, 200 firefighters out here. Plus, county hands and just local farmers, ranchers bringing water,” said Buffalo Fire Chief Steve Wilson.

“It’s overwhelming because those guys put their lives up to save our, you know, livelihood,” said Jane Ricord, whose home was almost destroyed by the flames.

Helicopters, provided by the forestry service, dumped 800 gallons onto the hot spots.

After the task force was finished with the fire in Harper County, Oklahoma they were redirected to a fire in Beaver County, Oklahoma, and southern Meade County. The task force was released around 9 p.m.