WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — On Sunday, Aug. 21, the Kansas Humane Society (KHS) reunited a dog with her owner who had suffered a stroke.

“I had a stroke and was away for a while, and my baby panicked and ran away trying to find me,” said Navy Veteran Robert Shelby. She left home on the 5th.

He says Hanna was picked up by animal control.

“When they picked her up, they were trying to get ahold of the vet because she’s chipped, but I had not put my address on it yet,” Shelby said. “Please, please, please put your addresses on those chips.

Animal control was able to get in touch with Hanna’s veterinarian and eventually in touch with Shelby, but it was too late. Hanna was held for 10 days and then adopted out by the KHS.

“The person who got her drove four hours here to get her,” said Shelby. “I got upset, and the captain of the police department here at the pound went out of his way, and so did the humane society, to contact the person that got her, and they told him the situation, and he drove four hours back to bring my little girl home.”

On Sunday, 16 days later, the KHS called Shelby to let him know that Hanna was ready to go home.

“I started crying, I couldn’t quit crying, and then I told them that I didn’t have any money, how much is she going to cost, and they said it’s not gonna cost me anything that they’re going to give her back to me,” Shelby said. “It is a miracle. It is one of the biggest miracles in my life because the humane society and the pound is so, so full, and they need help so, so badly, and they’re willing to return my baby to me and not even charge me.”

Shelby adopted Hanna from a Belgian Malinois rescue in Oklahoma.

“She was sent to me very emaciated and sick, wasn’t expected to live, and I nursed Hanna back to health to a beautiful miniature Belgian Malinois,” said Shelby. “She is gorgeous.”