America is known for breathtaking views. Unfortunately, people who call Kansas and Missouri home will need to travel to see it, at least according to one list.

Thrillist published its list of most beautiful states. The online entertainment site said it consulted writers who combined had traveled to every state in the U.S. Each participant ranked states individually before coming together to combine the lists into one.

The group decided Kansas was the least beautiful state.

It was simply described as “Great Plains” in the online article. The writers did not give Kansas credit for its rolling fields in the Flint Hills, its fields of golden crops or sunflowers, or the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets that can be seen, unobstructed, for miles.

“If Kansans can love their land, no one else has any excuses not to love the bejesus outta theirs,” Thrillist wrote.

Missouri didn’t fare much better in the article, with a ranking of 42nd most beautiful state in the country.

According to Thrillist, part of the problem is Missouri is surrounded by five other states that most people don’t consider beautiful. It describes the center of the state as “a less agriculturally fatigued transition between Illinois and Kansas.”

Missouri does get credit for the rocky hills of the Ozarks as well as the forests and rivers that can be found in the eastern part of the state.

No surprise, California was found the most beautiful. Thrillist said it’s because the state offers every kind of natural beauty someone could want. There are beaches and towering cliffs, mountains, deserts, Redwood National Forest, and wine country.

Not even Hawaii outranked the Golden State, coming in second on the list. The state’s sunny demeanor with it’s beautiful beaches, Rainbow Falls, volcanoes, and the Na Pali coast didn’t offer enough beauty to top the list.

Alaska came in third, even after Thrillist admits “no state will leave you in complete awe of nature like Alaska.”

Agree or not, you can see the full list and reasoning behind each ranking at

The website made a Facebook post on February 24, 2022, saying, “Your state should probably be higher.”

The website also made a post on August 13, 2017, about Kansas ranking last. The site called the state, “America’s ugly stepchild.”