WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Nearly a quarter million, that’s how many Kansans whose driver’s licenses are suspended.

According to the Kansas Department of Revenue, there are 227,794 Kansans with a suspended license.
That’s 8 percent of the Kansas population.

“A lot of people have suspended licenses simply because they cannot pay back the fines and fees. Traffic citation fines and fees that they might have been facing for decades,” said Nate Johnson, staff attorney with Kansas Legal Services of Wichita.

A quarter of those license suspensions are in Sedgwick County, totaling 58,051.

“It’s a really difficult decision that people are put into, and if you got to drive, you have to do that on a suspended license, then fines and infractions continue to accumulate, and it becomes an impossible situation for people,” Johnson said.

This year Kansas legislature created a new law to offer some relief.

“If they have a manifest hardship, individuals can apply to have their fines, fees and costs waived or reduced or allow community service for certain amounts,” said Nathan Emmorey, City of Wichita Municipal Court administrator.

Non-profit Kansas Legal Services is hosting a free driver’s license clinic on Dec. 1. They are partnering with the City of Wichita and others to host the event.

“There will be dozens of attorneys with a wealth of experience on driver’s license issues that should be able to provide some valuable advice to people to get set up again,” Johnson said.

Emmory said it’s an event that helps everyone.

“By enhancing the employment pool, by increasing the number of insured drivers, everyone benefits from this program.”

There isn’t a limit on how many can go to the clinic. However, you must apply before Nov. 11. You can find the application by clicking here.