WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The saying “home for the holidays” became a reality for two Kansas sisters this year.

After going through the adoption process, one couple from Hoisington was able to take in two girls just in time for the holidays

“We’ve loved them since they walked in the door,” said Cara Moore, the new mother.

Cara says the day the girls were officially adopted matched the excitement of the day they got a trampoline, both days including screams from the girls.

The sisters are 7-year-old Jaylin and 10-year-old Harmony.

“We have nephews that are about the same age of both of them,” said Cara. “From the very first night that they met, they bickered like they knew each other their entire lives. They still bicker like they’ve been with each other their entire lives, but, I mean, they just fit right in.”

The adoption was finalized in August, but this will be their first Christmas as a family.

When the girls were asked what their favorite part about having a permanent family Christmas was, Jaylin said, “They love me.” Harmony said, “It feels like I have a family that loves me and Jaylin.”

The adoption process comes with many emotions.

“There’s obviously challenges that come with it, but there’s challenges in parenting. Regardless of how you have a family. We drive them crazy… only sometimes,” said Cara.

Adoption is something Cara and her husband Brady have always wanted to do, and this year it has become a reality.

“It’s nice that everything is finalized and we are trying to make everything our own,” said Brady.

Across the state, about 400 kids are waiting for their chance to find a forever family. According to Corey Donnelly, the Kansas adoption exchange program manager, the majority of these kids are eight and older, have two or more siblings, or have special needs.

To view profiles of children that are needing a forever family, you can go to adoptkskids.org. The site also has a resource page that includes information on the adoption process and other helpful links. You can also call the customer care line at 1-855-236-7857.