WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Sometimes all it takes is a random phone call and good things happen.

Clinic In A Can Wichita got that phone call, and now, there’s food and medical supplies on the way to Ukraine.

“About four weeks ago after the invasion, I received a phone call from a stranger. They asked what are you doing for Ukraine?” said Mike Wawrzewski, owner of Clinic In A Can. “That led to an email to Dave, that led to an email at Dan at Heart to Heart, that led to an email to Dr. Marshall’s office, and the domino effect occurred.”

Mike has mobile clinics, and they now have three to ship after a local foundation gave support to buy two clinics.

“One of the big problems (in Ukraine) is the medical facilities have been targeted,” said Mike.

The story of cooperation grows from there.

“It feels incredible,” said David Griffs, the hunger relief director with Heaven Sent Ministries. “When you can respond, you get that extra great feeling.”

Heaven Sent has been sending food relief for years. It can be a challenge to get that food into war areas.

“We’ve been trying to get stuff into Poland. Get our food and things into Poland where we are helping the Ukrainian refugees,” said Griffis. “Ok, this is actually going to land in Ukraine.”

Clinic In A Can has three shipping containers turned into clinics with medical supplies. Those are cleared through customs to go to Ukraine.

They are now filled with 30,000 meals from Heaven Sent, along with the medical supplies and the clinic itself.

“Isn’t cooperation great?” said Wawrzewski. “So again, I think it’s just a lot of pent up how do we help? This just feels right. Sometimes the right thing happens when it’s supposed to. I’m sure these supplies and the clinic will go to people I will never meet or never know. Things happen for a reason.”

Griffis says they will soon have several packing events to get more food where it’s needed most.

“Happy to know we are doing some good,” said Griffis.