WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Volunteers from across the state came together on Veterans Day to create care packages for those serving overseas.

“Presents in a Package” is an annual event put on to reach as many Kansas troops deployed overseas to show them support and gratitude. The boxes include everything from entertainment items, cards from kids, and even Christmas decorations.

“It’s kind of an all-year thing. It kinda sorta just culminates on the day before the event, we’ve got everything ready to go, and we had more than expected. Everybody is busy. Everybody is happy. We’re gonna start making some big claps and some big excitement when boxes get packed and get ready to ship over,” said Nola Brown, the Executive Director for Volunteer Kansas.

“I was able to get some volunteers to come out with me today from McConnell Air Force Base, and they love it as well. I even have my in-laws from out of state, and he was previous military too, so they all love volunteering, and this for the troops means a lot,” said John Lane, the MSG Deputy Commander.

Volunteers say care packages like these are important because not all military members that are serving get to see their families during the holidays.

“We want them to know that we are still thinking of them. You know, our troops that are overseas can’t be home, and they don’t feel that appreciation to see their families, so we just want them to know that even though they are far away, we appreciate everything that they do. We wouldn’t be able to do events like this if it wasn’t for what they do to keep us safe and take care of us,” said Katy Timken, the Business Development and Account Manager at National Catastrophe Restoration Inc.

“Back in 2012, I was deployed overseas and receiving boxes, whether it was Oreo cookies or toiletry items like we’re doing today or entertainment stuff. It really means a lot. It gives me great pleasure to help out the troops overseas right now,” said Lane.

Care packages will continue to be sent throughout the holidays.

If you would like to volunteer to send a care package to a veteran, just go to volunteerkansas.org to sign up.