It was the loud shriek of three tiny kittens that helped one local animal rescue group save their lives.

“We got a message that three kittens were spotted in an oil refinery tank,” said Riley Miller, Beauties and Beasts volunteer. 

However, Miller says when volunteers arrived, they could only find two kittens. So, after hours of searching, they took the two kittens to the shelter. 

“We ended up going back two days later for their brother,” explained Miller. “The third one got washed with a power washer.” 

Weighing just about a pound, he and his two siblings survived the oil tanks. 

“They were covered in oil, it was in their eyes which were still shut and all over their body,” said Miller. “They were scared, but our first priority was getting them cleaned up, fed, and taken to the vet. 

Miller says after the kittens were bathed with dawn dish soap and bottle fed. Soon after, the rescue team says they started to open their eyes. 

“They had a URI which is a upper respiratory infection so we got them meds for that and some eye drops and some eye drops for their eyes because they were covered in gunk,” explained Miller. 

The kittens are 10 days old and while they will need a home, experts say they shouldn’t be adopted out until they reach eight weeks. 

“The oil refinery did reach out to say they would like to adopt all three siblings, but we do have other kittens in need,” said Miller. 

The group is having a Christmas in July adoption event for their kittens and cats on July 28th. It runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information on how you can help Beauties and Beasts, you can visit their Facebook Page.