WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Wichita police said a woman was injured in an officer-involved shooting late Wednesday morning at the Red Roof Inn. The motel is located at the intersection of Kellogg and Armour.

The officers were doing a follow-up on a stolen car in the parking lot when the shooting occurred. The woman was in front of the stolen car, and police say that as they walked toward the woman to talk to her, she brandished a gun, and then the officer fired a shot at her.

“One of the officers was in the back of the car. Another officer was with the female in the front of the car when the female brandished a handgun which was laying over there, pointed at one of the officers, so the officer’s partner fired at the female,” said Capt. Kevin Kochenderfer.

Witnesses told police she had been breaking into cars.

The general manager at the Red Roof Inn tells KSN that the suspect was not staying at the Red Roof Inn, but the motel next door.

The woman was alert when she was transported to the hospital. She is expected to survive.

Police said they have been investigating several nuisance calls at the motel involving assaults, drugs, stolen cars, and underage parties.

The general manager of the Red Roof Inn said she did receive a nuisance letter, but it was the first time in her ten years of working at the location that she has ever received one. She said she is meeting with WPD next week to talk about what can be done to fix issues surrounding the area.