Largest Wichita flag mural waving on east side

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - An east side business has been closed for a few years due to construction on Kellogg, making the entrance unaccessible. However, after reopening this month they're making their building hard to miss.

The largest Wichita flag mural to date is in the process of being painted on the side of the building. Drivers can spot it from the turnpike.

"Wichitans are amazing with showing their pride with our city flag so we think it's a great staple to see when you come to Wichita," store manager Joshua Blick said Friday.

Blick loves Wichita and the flag and reports that he was recently in Las Vegas for a car show with tens of thousands of people when he was approached by a stranger.

"Some guy walked up to me and said, 'You're from Wichita right?' and I was like uhh....and he said your 'Yeah, your hat. The Wichita flag," Blick said.

Blick wears his Wichita pride loudly and commissioned the perfect muralist in fellow Air Capital enthusiast, Mark D. Pendergrass.

"I'm a great lover of Wichita, I promote it all over the place. I'd rather be here than anywhere else in the country," Pendergrass said.

Pendergrass is in the process of painting a large, waving Wichita Flag with a Bosley Tire around the middle seal on east side of the tire store. He estimates this to be the largest Wichita flag ever painted on a wall yet.

"It may hold the record for awhile as it's rather large," Pendergrass said.

The flag is approximately 60 -70 feet wide by 20330 feet tall. Pendergrass plans to eventually add some more Wichita imagery to the wall.

"This particular flag is waving and I haven't seen a lot of that around," Pendergrass said.



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