LANE COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Wheat harvest in southwest Kansas is slowly wrapping up but has left farmers worried about tackling more weather issues down the road. 

Vance Ehmke, a farmer from Lane County, said that the harvest season has been unusual and difficult to balance. 

“We’re running as fast as we can to keep up,” he said. 

Many farmers are rushing to get it finished so they can finally start on the next crop.

“It has really compressed the workload and a lot of things have been slow to get done,” he said.

According to Ehmke, he has been wrapping up his wheat harvest and is nervous that future weather conditions will pose a threat to the fields that have been planted late. 

“Corn, soybeans, grain sourland were planted very late and a lot of the weather people are talking about, you know, we could have a lot of early freezes here,” he said.

Although, there is still hope.

He said he has had a great start, and hopefully, with a couple rain showers, the fall harvest could be successful. 

“We could be looking at some staggering good corn and milo yields like we’ve seen over the past couple years.” 

So far, the crops that have been planted look promising, but the future for high valued crops all lies in good weather.