Laundromat employee still working even after being robbed at gunpoint


The typical hum-drum of a day at the laundromat.

“I said what?”

Willa, who did not want to use her last name for the sake of safety, says Wednesday, Nov. 14 was far from a typical day.

“I was working, and I was out on the floor checking things out, and I saw two men come in,” she says.

Two men came in to the store who were not looking to do laundry, according to police. Willa says she saw the men earlier in the day.

“They stopped in front of our change machine and conferred among themselves for a little bit,” she says. “I thought, why are they coming back?”

But she didn’t pay too much attention to it until she says one of them left.

“Where is the other guy? What is he doing?” she says.

Willa says she made her way to the counter, as she always does, but this time was joined by an unexpected guest.

“He came right over and was leaning over me saying, give me all your money, right now. I pulled some money out of my pocket that we carry to make change for customers and he took that,” she says.

She says then the men left. Willa, 74 years old, wasn’t too phased by the man with the gun

“No I wasn’t,” she says.

She was more aggravated by the man himself.

“He was just in my face.”

Exactly, two weeks later and Willa is back at it again.

“I didn’t work the next day, but I was off anyway. I didn’t miss any shifts,” she says.

Police are asking the community to call the police department if anyone has information about the two suspects. Police say they left in a gray Honda.

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