WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A racetrack north of Wichita is still trying to recover from last weekend’s lightning storm. However, 81 Speedway, 7700 N. Broadway, says it has found a way to keep Saturday’s scheduled races on track.

(Courtesy 81 Speedway)

Last Saturday night, after the races ended, a couple dozen people were still visiting at Tie-Rod Tavern at the track when the rain storm moved in. The garage door to the place was open, and the group saw the rain start coming down in sheets.

Then, one of the people said he felt his arm hairs stand up. That is when lightning hit. He said it was so close and so loud that it shook the structure, and he was afraid a lightning bolt had struck someone. As soon as they realized everyone was OK, they shut the garage door.

The lightning kept coming and hit some of the light poles at the track, knocking out lights and bringing wires down.

When it was over, the damage was significant — 21 of the 32 lamps on the front stretch side no longer work. Several of the lights on the infield are also out. The racetrack posted pictures of all the light poles, noting how many lights are out on each one.

81 Speedway says multiple electrical crews have been assessing the damage, and there is damage to the entire lighting system.

The track can have races this weekend because workers set up enough temporary lights. Click here to learn more about the track and to buy tickets.