WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – There is a new effort to beautify parts of Wichita and Knight Foundation is helping with this cause. Armondo Minjarez, a Wichita artist, accepted a $100,000 grant from the foundation for a project that he says is meant to inspire.

“The focus of this project really is to capture and illustrate the stories of the Latino and blacks in the north-side community,” explained Minjarez.

Minjarez says his goal is to empower the community through these artistic murals adding that every bit of the grant will be used towards those efforts. International and Kansas artists will work together to create these series of murals throughout the Nomar Plaza area, stretching all the way out to McAdams. KSN spoke with Vice Mayor Miller who says the north side of town has been waiting for something like this.

“I think people who remember the cultural pride and the vitality of the north end, yearn for those days again,” said Miller. “To be completely honestm I feel the same way so if there’s anything I can do to move us back in that direction, I’m definitely supportive.”

This project will give the community the opportunity to work together on the same platform, and Minjarez says this will help with showcasing the identities of those that live within the community.

“We’re hoping that we can create a space for people to be empowered in guiding how their neighborhoods develop,” explained Minjarez. “It’s also about understanding how investments come into the area and guiding these policies that effect their neighborhoods directly.”

The exact locations of the murals haven’t been released yet however, the head of the project will be reaching out to people in the community to get input on the artwork and the impact this could have.

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