WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Saying goodbye are words a local bakery owner never wanted to say after decades of operating in Wichita. 

Cameo Cakes has been around since 1967, and owner Vicki Prather said the cakes have been baked and designed for many. 

“George Strait, Garth Brooks, Pink, Faith Hill, and I made cookies for Kevin Hart,” said Prather. 

Prather said it had been a lifelong passion to design cakes, but she will soon put that to rest. 

Prather has Rheumatoid Arthritis and Raynaud’s. She said it’s making it so she can’t get the job done as well as she’d like. 

“RA doesn’t kill you. It just cripples you, and my knuckles are blown, and making a fist is actually becoming physically painful,” said Prather. “I figured maybe when I’m 80, it’ll affect me, but unfortunately, it affected me quickly, and in eight months to a year, I’ve lost a lot of mobility.”

She said her health is depleting, and with no family members willing to take over the family business, her biggest concern is finding someone who can. 

“We’ve done it for 41 years, so it’s just time for us to pass the torch to retire and give this blessing to someone else.”

Prather said she will give it a few months before closing the doors but hopes someone would be willing to take over the bakery.

She said she is selling everything from the name and recipes to the equipment and large appliances. She said it’s perfect for someone who wants to have a ready-to-go business and one you can be creative in. 

She hopes her family’s business and history will live on. 

“It’s just time for us to step back,” she said. 

You can call Cameo Cakes at 316-945-9772 for more details about the business.