WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – ‘The surprise of a lifetime,’ some would say.

Sharron Fisher, a National Guard veteran and a mother of four, received a vehicle on Friday thanks to Cars 4 Heroes. The organization provides free basic transportation to veterans, active-duty military, first responders, and their families who aren’t able to get one on their own.

“I am very thankful, and I’m very excited. I was caught off-guard,” said Fisher. “But I am super thankful. This was needed.”

Fisher has had vehicles in the past, each having one issue or another.

“I had multiple vehicles that just kept breaking down. I mean, breaking down over and over and over,” said Fisher. “The engine went out on one, and then somebody had stolen our catalytic converter in the other one, and it was just little by little continuing to – everything was going out. Then the most recent car I got, the engine went out, so yeah, I’ve kinda been having some bad luck.”

Being a mother, Fisher still had to get her kids to school, regardless of transportation. And sometimes, that meant walking, even in the cold.

“The year before last, we had to walk to school, and we were literally a block away from where the bus could pick him up, so I was walking with him to school, and it was so cold in the mornings. He would be crying, and his little tears would be frozen on his cheeks. I was like, ‘We’re not going to go through that again.’ Like, ‘I need to figure something out.’ You know, to make sure we do have reliable transportation. Cuz’ that just broke my heart,'” said Fisher.

That’s when Fisher decided to put in an application to Cars 4 Heroes.

“I finally was like, ‘I’m gonna put in an app and see what happens.’ And I never thought that I would win,” said Fisher.

Fisher added that this vehicle represents a chance for her to get involved more with Veterans Affairs (VA) and her community.

“I feel like life will be a lot easier. A lot less stressful. And it will give me the opportunity to really, you know, try to be more involved in, you know, like, the VA and things and my community that I am involved in,” said Fisher. “I just feel like this is going to make a really big difference in my life.”