WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Logan Mize, a country music artist from Clearwater, headlined a concert at Botanica on Thursday, Oct. 6. Mountain Deer Revival, created out of Wichita, opened for him.

Mize said he loves being in Wichita.

“It’s just fun to see familiar faces and get out there and have fun playing songs,” said Mize.

Mike Ross, the operations coordinator at Botanica, was stoked to have someone local perform at the gardens.

“This is our third major event in the concert season,” Ross said. “And we got beautiful weather, so it’s been fantastic.”

Ross says Botanica is working on hosting festivals and other events in the future.

“We’re looking to have a regular rotation of a variety of acts. We just had the symphony. We had a comedian, Steve Treviño, right before that. We obviously like the music,” said Ross.

For upcoming events at Botanica, click here.

Micah Fischer, who has been a long-time Mize fan, attended the concert with his three kids. He says Mize is a “good ol’ country boy.”

“What he’s bringing, it’s wholesome music. For the most part, it resonates with a lot of people,” Fischer said.

And if you are trying to get out into the music industry yourself, Mize says, “Be persistent, work hard, show up every day, never give up. You’re gonna hear no a thousand times to the one time you hear yes, so just keep getting knocked down and keep getting back up.”