WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The holiday season is here, and many businesses are looking to bring on some extra help to handle the rush. On Kansas Works, there are 1,700 openings for seasonal jobs in Sedgwick County alone.

“It’s been a struggle to find that additional holiday help this year more than any other year,” said Angie Nath, Director of Human Resources for Five Star Call Centers.

The holiday season is a busy time of year at their Wichita location. Their goal is to bring on 300-holiday workers.

“If we don’t fill the spots, it directly impacts our clients and us being able to handle all of their customers’ call volumes to help get those orders out in a timely fashion to anybody who was looking for them,” Nath explained.

Five Star Call Centers is only about halfway to its goal.

It’s part of the stiff competition for businesses.

“There’s a lot of people that do want to work, but there are so many businesses that are still looking for people. It’s quite a bit of competition. So you do have to make sure that you’re offering a fair wage,” said Derek Sorrells, Owner of Let’s Go Build.

The demand for workers is an advantage for those looking to make extra holiday cash.

“You’re gonna see the wages are a lot increased over maybe holiday hiring last year. I’ve seen several places with signs in their windows starting at $15 an hour,” said Angela Duncan with Workforce Alliance.

With many businesses competing for talent, Bling Glamour’s owner Nicole Campos says they are constantly recruiting.

“We have 26 locations now. So we’re always trying to be a step ahead. So we’re interviewing all the time. In our market right now, we have some full-time positions available and some part-time positions that we’re always looking to fill,” Campos said.

The holiday rush already starting.

“We heard it way before we typically do,” she said.

“We’ve honestly been super busy since Halloween. We’ve seen an uptick in it, and we’re looking for a busy season,” Sorrells said.

Duncan says employers will likely be more flexible with job seekers. Adding that employers may even be more likely to extend seasonal jobs to full-time positions, unlike other years.