WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — An appeals court has ruled against a man trying to buy the old Joyland Amusement Park organ. The man’s name may be familiar to a lot of people. Six years ago, Damian Mayes was convicted of stealing Louie, the animatronic clown that played the Joyland organ.

After Joyland closed in the mid-2000s, Louie the Clown disappeared. Sometime after that, Joyland’s owner, Margaret Spear, entered into a handwritten contract to sell the organ and its sign to Mayes, a longtime employee at the park. But she said that Mayes failed to pay the full price on time.

In 2010, Mayes was convicted of aggravated indecent liberties with a child and aggravated criminal sodomy. The crimes happened in 2008.

So he was in prison in 2015 when the Wichita Police Department found Louie the Clown and other Joyland items in his home.

Louie the Clown (KSN File Photo)

Mayes pleaded no contest to stealing Louie, and he remains in prison. His earliest possible release date is Nov. 25, 2028.

According to court documents, Joyland’s owner was upset that her former employee had the missing clown. She tried to rescind her handwritten contract with Mayes for the sale of the organ, claiming that “Mayes had unclean hands and had made fraudulent misrepresentations” about his role in stealing Louie the Clown.

The owner won her case in district court, but Mayes appealed.

Last week, the appeals court also ruled in favor of the owner. Mayes will not get to buy the organ.