WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Construction companies and lumber companies are having to deal with the rise in the cost of lumber over the past year.

“It’s just unprecedented territory,” said marketing manager for Millcreek Lumber, Jay Robinson.

“This is the highest it’s ever been in history,” added Sunago Roofing & Exteriors owner, Aaron Kilgariff.

While all lumber is at an increased price right now, oriented strain board, better known as o-s-b, a product used for flooring, roofing and wall sheathing has skyrocketed.

“Typically we keep three to four thousand sheets on a daily basis, today I’ve got less than 200,” explained Robinson.

Kilgariff explained, “They’re three times the price of what they used to be. Depending on where we buy some of our materials, it’s as much as $50-$55 a sheet.”

And it’s not just the cost of the actual lumber itself that is being affected.

These high prices are also affecting how businesses can bid on projects.

“Currently I’m just handwriting on our bids this is what could happen,” said Kilgariff. “I have them sign off on it, they’re made aware of it, but it could change as much as 10% and so we’ll probably have to incorporate stronger language in our contracts to really identify that.”