Main Street Kansas: Loyalty and history keep Wichita barber shop going strong

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - On any given day at Watson's Barber Shop, for the last five decades, you'll hear more than just clippers, a constant chatter free with every shave. 

It's a gift of gab this barber got from the first one at Watson's.

"A haircut always makes you feel better," said Mike Watson.

Mike's dad, Winfred -- known as Winnie -- opened Watson's Barber Shop in 1965, and Mike eventually followed in his footsteps. 

"Coming in here after school and shining shoes, and some of the guys would be playing Chinese checkers or checkers and telling jokes, and I just loved the banter," explained Mike. "It was a blessing for me to work with my dad. I tell ya, he was my best friend."

Working with his dad taught Mike to treat every customer like family, and soon, they are!

"We laugh with you, we mourn with you, we cry with you, and we're excited when you get jobs and have kids," said Mike. 

That's what keeps them coming back, with their kids, and their kids. Loyalty and history.



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