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Airplane enthusiasts volunteer time and skill to restore aircraft at KS Aviation Museum

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - A unique group of volunteers have been bringing the past back to the present for several years at the Kansas Aviation Museum.

It's a love for the craft of restoring historic airplanes that keeps this group of enthusiasts coming back to the Kansas Aviation Museum.

"I like to work on airplanes, build airplanes," said Ed Scott, Kansas Aviation Museum volunteer. "So it's a good fit for me."

Some of the restoration projects take several years to finish. But all of the projects have a budget that needs to be followed. 

"This is a $600,000 airplane that we're restoring and I have a $700 budget," explained David Robbins, Kansas Aviation Museum volunteer. "We're gonna make it work."

Volunteers have restored six planes over the past 28 years and they are always looking for extra airplane parts.

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