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Main Street Kansas: City band hits all the right notes in Great Bend

GREAT BEND, Kan. (KSNW) - There is something about music that brings a community together. And one city's band has been entertaining crowds for over a century with musicians of all ages and experience levels. 

This week's Main Street Kansas brings us to Great Bend. 

Whether she's tapping her foot to the beat, flying her fingers through different notes or simply performing, Rachael Gros' passion for music is strong. 

“The woodwind is kind of… they have to play a lot, so they’re kind of like… they always joke we’re the string of the band," said Rachael Gros. "So we hit a lot of notes and everything. I always find that fun.”

Gros, 24, says she has played her clarinet for 10 years, but some of her other bandmates have been playing much longer. 

“I came here in the summer of 1958, so it’s been 60 years,” explained Joe Boley, band member. 

Gros and Boley may have a gap in their years of experience, but when they both pick up an instrument, they're working together toward a unified tune. 

The two of them are part of the Great Bend City Band, a band that puts on free concerts outside the county courthouse and involves musicians of all ages. 

As one of the youngest members of the band, Gros says she's been able to learn a lot from her experienced bandmates. 

“I learned a lot of old marches and just different kinds of music from a lot of founders… a lot of different eras,” said Gros. 

Mentoring young musicians is rewarding Boley says, and he says they also help him keep an upbeat tempo. 

“Oh I like to have something like this to do in the summertime to keep my lips going good,” said Boley.

If you are interested in attending one of the Great Bend City Band's concerts, the last one of the summer is July 17. 


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