Main Street Kansas

Main Street Kansas: Shoppers from near and far are hooked on Belleville store

BELLEVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) - You've heard the phrase-- "location, location, location!"-- and that's certainly key for a Kansas store near the Nebraska state line.

Even though it's in the small town of Belleville, shoppers come from all around the Midwest.    

"Our business began in 1947," said Lynette Beam, assistant manager of The Feathered Nest.

It started as a traditional furniture store, but now, is an example of modern-day marketing.

"It was about 11-12 years ago, we decided we really need to make a change, diversify, become a destination shop for women," said Beam.

The Feathered Nest now offers an endless variety-- 10,000 square feet-- of virtually everything for the home, family, fashion, and food.  

"We turned this space from rows of furniture to a coffee lounge," said Beam, pointing to one section of the store.

The gourmet espresso bar, plus fresh baked scones and cookies, convinced two customers to drive here from Hebron, Nebraska!

"The 'Feathered Frenzy' is their signature drink. It's super good," said Marcy Asche.

"Oh, it's fantastic," agreed Andrea Wiedel.

"Coffee brings in a lot of repeat customers, who may buy more things as they come to the business so it was a smart move on their part to add the coffee bar," said Jenny Russell of Republic County's Economic Development Corporation.

She says The Feathered Nest capitalizes on its location at  the crossroads of the Midwest. Its ever-changing inventory attracts customers driving from Omaha to Wichita and even Denver to St. Louis.

"A lot of people make this their stop, as they make their way across the country and make sure they come in every time they're around," said Russell.

"Well, I've been here many, many, many times," said Dee Camp, another customer from Hebron, Nebraska.

In return, the store's design consultants make house calls up to 200 miles away for free, if the decor comes from The Feathered Nest.

"Yeah, we decorate their homes for the holidays," said Beam.

It's that kind of customer service that's hooked shoppers near and far and brings them back for more!    

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