WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A man and his burro or donkey stopped in Wichita as part of a 5,000 mile trip across America spreading the message of the very first Christmas.

P.J. Day and his Donkey Pedro appeared at the Keeper of the Plains Monday reading “A Burro’s tale.”

The book, written by Day tells the story of Pedro, an overlooked donkey who suddenly finds himself in an important role, transporting Mary and Joseph during the very first Christmas.

Pedro was on hand as Day read the book to children and gave each child a copy of the book.

Over 800 books will be given away during the trip. Day says adults and children often forget what the message of Christmas is all about. He says Pedro is a good character in the book because donkeys have always had the role of the good guy in stories.

Because of this, Pedro’s story can especially resonate with children. From Wichita, Day and Pedro head to Limon, Colorado, before completing their journey in Nevada.