The man who ran over Wichita police officer Brian Arterburn back in February of 2017 was sentenced to over 28 years to prison, plus another ten-plus years for an incident in Ellsworth County involving drug trafficking into a prison. 

Justin Terrazas pleaded guilty on all charges in the Arterburn case back in November. 

His sentence in Sedgwick County would run consecutive to the nearly 11 year sentence on a conviction in Ellsworth County. 

During the hearing, Claudale Arterburn, Brian’s wife, spoke directly to Terrazas saying he took so much from them, but they forgive him. Terrazas said he is heartbroken.

“I just want them to know, specifically, Mrs Arterburn, that it’s not who I am. It’s not what I do. I don’t go out looking to harm law enforcement or COs or deputies,” Terrazas said. 

“I’ve worked a lot with Brian, and we’ve talked a lot about it, and I think that’s why he continues to get better because he has that forgiveness,” Claudale Arterburn said.

Terrazas thanked her for forgiving him.

Officer Arteburn continues to recover after spending months in the hospital. He retired from the Wichita Police Department last July. 

The district attorney agreed to the plea deal. He says it is a good fit for justice and brings some closure.