WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Meals on Wheels, which delivers meals to homebound, isolated seniors, has expanded its services with PET PALS, or Pet Assistance in the Lives of Seniors.

Senior Services of Wichita, through a partnership with WAAL (Wichita Animal Action League), is now able to deliver pet food to at-risk seniors with pets. They are also able to offer financial assistance to aid in veterinary care.

“I don’t have kids, so [my dog], Peanut, is my baby. I was sharing half my meal with him, but now he’s eating dog food and losing weight,” said Meals on Wheels client Eddie.

According to the Senior Services website, “Eddie is a Meals on Wheels client who is very friendly and talkative. He has a bit of a speech impediment, but he loves to talk with his volunteers and Meals on Wheels staff members. Eddie is a little lonely and can talk a long time! He has a Chihuahua named Mr. Peanut, who is approximately 9-11 years old. Thanks to our partnership with WAAL, Mr. Peanut had his nails trimmed for the 1st time in his life. Eddie is very grateful for the monthly dog food deliveries as he was sharing his meals with Mr. Peanut. Since receiving the pet food, Mr. Peanut is no longer eating people food and has lost weight. Eddie has also noticed that Mr. Peanut is no longer scratching his skin, indicating he must have a type of allergy to ‘people food.'”

“Bella has been with me a long time. She gobbles up her food, and we love the visits!” said Cathy, a Meals on Wheels client.

According to the Senior Services website, “Meals on Wheels client Cathy & her beloved dog Bella both face issues that impact us all as we age. Bella has cataracts, so she is partially blind. Cathy’s pup is her best friend & follows her wherever she goes. They can be found on the front porch most afternoons, enjoying her quiet neighborhood. Bella has lost most her teeth, so she has really appreciated our PetPals delivery of wet food, which she gobbles right up. Cathy says Meals on Wheels is a “lifesaver” for her too. She very much appreciates her nutritious and delicious meals as much as Bella appreciates hers.”

Senior Services of Wichita is asking for help in keeping seniors, and their beloved companions nurtured and safe while living in their own homes. A $40 donation will help feed one senior and their pet for one week. To donate, click here.