ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) — A remarkable story following the Andover tornado. A family said their dog was swept up and carried by the storm and is now barking along.

Jamie Seipel said her dad let her dog Wrigley out to go to the bathroom Friday night. Moments later, the tornado hit their home.

Meet Wrigley, the almost 1-year-old pup who has had a wild few days. It began with a quick trip outside.

“As soon as dad sat back down, the tornado came through the roof,” said Seipel.

While paramedics cared for Seipel’s parents, who were injured in the storm, she frantically started searching for Wrigley.

“I was screaming hysterically, and nobody has seen him whatsoever, so I kinda had to give up because it was getting dark and another storm was coming through,” said Seipel.

Neighbors spotted him Saturday morning.

“We had to crawl back there in the tree row and dig him out, and we got him home and got him some food and water. He slept really good for a bit,” said Seipel.

Seipel believes Wrigley got caught in the storm and carried about a quarter-mile away.

“If he couldn’t see me, he would stay right where he is at, so that is why I think and everyone else that was out here thinks that he got thrown by that tornado,” said Seipel.

But you can’t really tell. Seipel said Wrigley’s back leg was tender for a few days, and he wasn’t jumping, but now he is back to his puppy behavior.

“I did call him twister puppy the other night. He has so much puppy energy I’ve always said he is kinda like a tornado,” said Seipel. 

Seipel does plan to take Wrigley to the vet to make sure he is 100% OK. She was also able to find some of her late husband’s belongings and her daughter’s ashes in the rubble. She said, all things considered, she feels lucky.