WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Sedgwick County canvas board met on Friday, and ultimately, threw out hundreds of votes in question. They voted to keep hundreds more.

“The canvas is an essential part of the process of certifying the final election results and making sure the elections were done properly,” said KSN political analyst Jeff Jarman.

While the canvas made official what gets thrown out and what stays in, the canvas also revealed names and numbers on the write-in ballot for mayoral race.

Mickey Mouse was a write-in for mayor. So was Anyone Else. Cannot Remember is in the books.

Former mayoral candidate Bill Warren was a write-in along with former mayor Carl Brewer.

There were 8,646 write-in votes for mayor. Lyndy Wells got 8,316 of those.

Candidate Mark Gietzen was second at 74 votes written in for mayor.

Elections Commissioner Tabitha Lehman says the canvas and count and recount are not a glamorous part of the job but essential.

“So, we have done two hand recounts and five post-election audits which are a manual process of a bi-partisan board, comparing those ballots,” said Lehman. “And all of those have come out as exact matches to what we have reported every time.”

In other words, the county got it right the first time.

“This is just a crucial part of the elections cycle and, no, it’s not glamorous,” said Jarman. “But the canvas is part of checks and balances that gives us faith in the system.”

Some of the reasons the canvas board did not count some provisional ballots included a vote that did not get returned in the official ballot envelope. Others did not have signatures. And others still had a signature missing.

39 votes came back late with most of them being mailed after the election was over.