Middle school hurdler helps her opponent who fell near the finish line

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - She could have won the race. Instead, a Wichita hurdler came in nearly deadly last because she said it was the right thing to do.

"Don't think about yourself. Think about what you can do for others, not just yourself," said Samantha Silverstein.

Samantha Silverstein, 12, was running the 100 meter hurdles at a track meet on Saturday. She was in second place when runner Lauren Robinson tripped on a hurdle near the finish line. Samantha then fell too.

"I caught my foot on the hurdle and we both came tumbling down," Samantha explained.

Samantha stood up quickly. However, instead of running to the finish line, she turned to Lauren and helped her get up.

"I need to help her. I need to get her back up. I need to finish this race," Samantha said. "From growing up Catholic I have remembered that, you know, we are all trying to get each other to heaven. I'm just trying to help everyone as much as I can."

"I was laying there and I didn't think anyone was going to come until after the race and I opened my eyes and there was Samantha saying, 'Come on you can do this. You can finish this.' That made me happy," said Lauren. 

Both girls went onto finish the race. The crowd applauded their sportsmanship. 

Samantha and Lauren hope their story will help spread kindness.

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